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Summit Academy Gymnastics Summer Clinics

       GIRLS CLINICS      

The clinics are 1 hr in length.  Cost is $15 each.           

 Receive 10% off total price for multiple clinics.

Additional clinics will be added throughout the summer.


Standing Tumbling – This clinic has been designed for those individual who wish to improve their standing tumbling skills. Back handsprings -  back tucks - back handspring backtucks, layout & fulls – toe touch back handspring -  toe touch backtuck are the primary skills that will be impressed upon, however others can be added if so desired.   

Running Tumbling - This clinic is for those who wish to work on running tumbling skills. The clinic will focus on back tumbling skills such as, round off back handsprings, round off back handspring back tucks, layouts, and fulls. In addition front tumbling skills, front handsprings, front tucks, and layouts will be worked on.




Event Clinics:  Bars, Beam & Vault – These clinics will focus on drills to build up core skills and exact drills for specific skills of each participant. The goal is to enhance routines with a strong core and original skills.


The clinics are 1 hrs. in length.  Cost is $15 ea.

Receive 10% off total price for multiple clinics.




 These event clinics will focus on drills for skills and to enhance strength, speed, flexibility and balance.