Summit Academy of Gymnastics


August/September 8 week Session

October/November 8 week Session

December/January 8 week Session

February/March 8 week Session

April/May 8 week Session 


Here is a great opportunity to develop exciting physical  discipline, strength and flexibility.  Our classes can teach children to be kind, educated, attentive, healthier, and have a better understanding of life.  In addition, the class is great for the physical well being of all children.  The "Academy" can give your child this professional training because of our highly qualified staff.

Summit Academy of Gymnastic...building your child's class at a time.

Boys & Girls Age 3 (45 min class) Tuesday and/or Wednesday - check class schedule

Boys & Girls Ages 4 & 5, (45 min class)Tuesday and/or Wednesday - check class schedule 

Class Curriculum:  Focus: Introduction to basic gymnastics moves and terminology, introduction to gymnastics equipment, large and small motor skills and exercise to music, introduction to a class setting.


Girls Beginning -  Tuesday and/or Wednesday - check class schedule 

Girls Intermediate - Tuesday and/or Wednesday - check class schedule

Boys Ages 6-12 - Tuesday and/or Wednesdays - check class schedule

Class Curriculum:  The program consists of a variety of disciplines, which include gymnastics skills, strength and flexibility.  The students will also be taught the basic rules & concepts for each discipline. 


Please note: Your child will be on continuous enrollment  from the time of sign up throughout May, unless you inform the office at Summit Academy 2 weeks prior to the next payment due date. Thank you!